Thursday 29 June 2017

'Wah Wah' 2015, Brendan Tracy

It's no secret I’m more a cold gluggz neon fun lemonade sun buzz juice kinda wine drinker more than, say, a serious one. More magic hour water sparkle lake side than white tablecloth inside. Turbid, semi carbonic poppers high on energy high on acid. More into ice than structure. Red over white.

This is one of those wines.

This is made by Brendan Tracy, surely the only man from New Jersey to move to the Loire via San Francisco by way of hardcore punk and Thierry Puzelat. This is true.

Tasting notes:

Blackcurrant starburst candies and cheap ice pops sours. Cold pressed cherry soda lemonade spritzers that sparkle fizz and pop in your mouth like the Willy Wonka robe purple Nerds ohmygod remember Nerds?! Buzzy summer love plus some stink. Drink cold with chips.


"Wah Wah" 2015
Brendan Tracey
Grolleau, Côt
Touraine, Loire

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