Monday 28 December 2015

Le Carton throws supper

Because we don't know anyone who cooks with enough garlic, we decided to start a sort of supper club. A place to sit people next to strangers around a family table and drink lots of wine. 

So we found a squat, hung a branch and gave everyone kefir cocktails. There was a three course menu, a storyteller and a herbalist and Ploussard from Overnoy-Crinquand on tap. 

'La Bidode' 2014 is from a 5.5ha vineyard tended by Mikael Crinquand in Pupillin, the village up the hill from Arbois where we were camping for a week in October. A rustic chug-chug red that's lean and earthy with a fermenting strawberry fizzle plus a spitter-spatter of manure on your boots with some hay stuck on. Very danceable.

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