On the abracadabra of bottling (for Les Caves de Pyrene)
— A personal A-Z on what making wine really means (for Les Caves de Pyrene)
— The Real Wine Fair 2019 (for Les Caves de Pyrene)

— A tribute to Ernesto Cattel (Italian translation for Vini Triple "A")

No one makes wine alone (for The Morning Claret)
The earth is burning, this is not a drill (for The Morning Claret)
Fear and pruning part II (for The Morning Claret)
— Le Saint Eutrope (for The Morning Claret)
— Fear and pruning in Beaujolais (for The Morning Claret)
— Why you don't need to learn to talk about wine (for The Morning Claret)
— What winemakers make in winter (for The Morning Claret)
— Too much hoo-ha over glou-glou (for The Morning Claret)
— Cristal 2007: best served with yachts and caviar (for The Morning Claret)
— Cellar hygiene über alles (for The Morning Claret)
— Hashtag Unicorn Wines (for The Morning Claret)
— How natural wine killed the tasting note (for the Morning Claret)
— Auberge de Chassignolles, my Hotel California in the Auvergne (for The Morning Claret)
— How I ended up living in Andrea Calek's barn by mistake (for The Morning Claret)
— Glouglou: Natural Wine in Amsterdam (for Sprudge Wine)
— Natural wine, acid punk and all that jazz (for the Morning Claret)
— Disco lights and grower champs: Amsterdam's natural wine bars (for the Morning Claret)
— Six Georgian wines to get you through Christmas (for The Morning Claret)
— A toast to the Georgian harvest (for The Morning Claret)
— Harvest 2017 » François Blanchard & Baptiste and Olivier Cousin (for the Morning Claret)
— Into Ének Peterson's qvevri (for The Morning Claret)

— D.I.Y. Georgian winemaking in 10 easy steps (with pictures)


— On Earth: Didier Barral (for The Wine Zine issue 3)
— Charles Dufour (for Pipette magazine issue 4)
— Vin de Jardin (for Pipette magazine issue 3)
— La Guinelle: mére extraordinaire (for Fair magazine vol 3)
— Forever over that hill over there. A tribute to Costadilá (for Pipette magazine issue 2)
— So you wanna visit a winemaker? (for Terre Magazine issue 2)


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