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Republic of Georgia

6 Georgian wines to get you through Christmas (for The Morning Claret)
Harvest 2017 » In pictures: Harvest in Racha, Georgia | Our Wine is Blood
Harvest 2017 » A toast to the Georgian harvest (for The Morning Claret)
'Tsolikouri - Krakhuna' 2016 (no skins) » Ènek Peterson
Ramaz Nikoladze
'Tistska-Tsolikouri' 2015 » Ramaz Nikoladze (for The Morning Claret)
Cleaning qvevri » Ènek Peterson (for The Morning Claret)
— 'Tavkveri' 2016 » Mariam Iosbidze
— Pheasant's Tears tasting in Signagi, Georgia » Pheasant's Tears
— 'Khikhvi' 2015 » Georgian Vine Foundation
— Georgian girl power = Georgian power wine ('Tavkveri' 2015) » Mariam Iosbidze


Vin de soif à la Mexico » Bichi Wines (for The Morning Claret)


— 'Vino Naranja' 2017 » Cacique Maravilla


'Dinavolino' 2015 » Giulio Armani
— 'Contadino' 2014 » Frank Cornelissen
Harvest 2016 » Costadilà

Czech Republic

— 'Podfuck' 2014 is another word for party » Milan Nestarec


'La Cosa, The Thing' 2014 » Bodegas Maestro Tejero




— Auberge de Chassignolles, my Hotel California in Auvergne (for The Morning Claret)


'Novello' » Denny Baldwin
— Bojalien 2017 in pictures » Domaine des Grottes


'Cristal' 2007: best served with yachts and caviar (for The Morning Claret)


A pét nat from 2017 » Jean-François Chéné, La Coulée d'Ambrosia
François Blanchard 
Harvest 2017 » François Blanchard & Baptiste and Olivier Cousin (for the Morning Claret)
— If you like the idea of drinking rubies, drink 'Raudonas' 2011 » Sébastian Riffault
'Groll n'Roll' 2015 rules » Les Vignes des Babass
— 'Marie Rose' 2015 » Baptiste Cousin, Le Batossay
'Wah Wah' 2015  » Brendan Tracey
'La Gravotte' 2015 » Thierry Puzelat, Clos du tue Boeuf
'Les P'tites Vignes' 2015 » La Lunotte


'Foutre d'Escampette' 2015 » Domaine de l'Octavin 
'Ja-Naï' 2013 » Kenijro Kagami, Domaine des Miroirs
— 'Arbois Pupillin' 2014 » Renaud Bruyère & Adeline Houillon
'Commendatore' 2015 » Domanine de l'Octavin
'Album' 2012 » Jean-Baptiste Menigoz

Languedoc Roussillon

'Fou du roi' 2013 » Le Temps des Cerises, Axel Prüfer
'Le Blanc' 2009 » Domaine Pechigo, Sylvain Saux


— 'Les Pierre Chaudes' 2015 » Domaine Julien Meyer


— Chardonnay-schmardonnay: 'La Bulle à Zéro' » Gilles and Catherine Vergé


How I ended up living in Andrea Calek's barn by mistake (for The Morning Claret)
— 'Blanc' 2013 » Andrea Calek
— 'A Toi Nous' 2015 tastes like a supernova » Andrea Calek 


Cellar hygiene über alles (for The Morning Claret)
— A Guide to How Not to Visit a Winemaker (for Terre Magazine, print only)
Hashtag Unicorn Wines (for The Morning Claret)
How natural wine killed the tasting note (for the Morning Claret)
Natural wine, acid punk and all that jazz (for the Morning Claret)
D.I.Y Georgian winemaking in 10 easy steps (with pictures)
— Brett: the taste spectrum of farm
— 'Come quickly, I am drinking the stars but nowadays they call it pet nat'
If some wine's natural, what's the rest?
— The natural choice is to drink natural wine
— Fraud, food and natural wine


— Auberge de Chassignolles, my Hotel California in the Auvergne (for The Morning Claret)
— Glouglou: Natural Wine in Amsterdam (for Sprudge Wine)
 Dirty Bird NYC has a secret natural wine bar called Verre de Terre and it's cheap
— We went to 5 natural wine bars in New York. Here are my (tasting) notes


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