Friday 20 October 2017

'Tsolikouri - Krakhuna' (no skins) 2016, Ènek Peterson

Me on  drinking what we bottled in June in October while sorting grapes: 'Cool, this is the second time I've drunk from this bottle'.

Me on the time we went down Ènek's qvevri for The Morning Claret.

Me on the one bottle* I have writable memory of after drinking bottles and bottles of the stuff for three days: 

Tasting notes:

Looks like dappled light across an orange ocean floor.
Smells like dry mandarins and crystal honey.
Tastes like sunshine zest. A Krakhuna-forward tropical fruit salad with stems on.
Feels like jello going down so, supple. Here be no angles.


Tsolikouri - Krakhuna 2016
Ènek Peterson
Tsolikouri + Krakhuna (no skins, 3 x on lees)
Imerti, Georgia

We'll be pouring Ènek's wines, both skins and no skins, all without etiquettes, all 2016, for Le Carton's Georgian Wine Dinner on 29 October.

*Perhaps interesting to note that this is the one bottle of Ènek's we didn't drink with Ènek, hence some memory. (Hey Ènek!)

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