Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Milan Nestarec's "Podfuck" 2014 means party

‘Party in a glass’ is how I described Milan Nestarec's 2014 "Podfuck" on the list. ‘Feel good juices, dried apricots and holiday raisins plus a little laurel. Tonnes of energy and 14 days skin contact so don’t expect this to taste like a Pinot Gris’. And you shouldn’t because it doesn’t unless maybe, yes, unless you’re the sort to appreciate that everything you think you knew is not, in fact, everything at all; is, indeed, very likely very far from it, in which case you might be more open to the idea that this is also the taste of Pinot Gris, just not the sort you’re used to, unless you’re used to skin contact, and that’s the whole thing: we know what we’re ‘used’ to even though to know and to be used to (something) are different verbs to describe different situations (and all of this is further complicated by the fact something isn’t necessarily one thing or not that thing; it could be in-between or another thing but remember: it was a party in a glass, not a serious discussion.)

But then equally I could have described it as ‘A five-a-day fruit forward punch in the face of anyone who takes life, ok maybe just their wine, too seriously or, ‘Californian sunshine, captured’ or maybe just Fun! Capital F’ (plus a fantastic name, I mean c'mon, PODFUCK).

And the colour is peach fuzz slash bleached out Venetian paint pink orange and it comes from the Czech Republic and is made by Milan Nestarec (who worked with Movia) and the first time I drank it I swore off food.


"Podfuck" 2014
Milan Nestarec
Pinot Gris
Moravský Žižkov


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