Monday 29 June 2015

The little Kickstarter stove that kicked it

“What can’t it burn?” was the first thing I asked when he’d finished reading me the shortest user manual in the world.

Two hours later and hungry, we knew the answer.

It was the first day of summer after a grey longest day and we’d put all our eggs of expectation in one basket after dedicating the best part of the last two weeks of a damp June to moving. We’d survived a variety of homelessness; finding shelter within boxes and cooking by candlelight, and it wasn’t the adventure we’d marked it out to be. But today was marked to be different. We were going to have fun. And so, also in our basket, we’d packed Surinamese blood sausage, bread, garlic, a faro salad, ¾ a bottle of wine, a skillet and Alex’s new Kickstarter stove; solar powered, clean burning and all chrome. 'Cus that's fun.
Our new backyard is a manmade wood gone wild. It was built in the 30s as a counter measure to the Depression and seems to have been built in order to facilitate private bbqs and swimming naked. I’ve gotten lost there twice and honestly wonder how people arrive at the points they want to - there are of course paths, but they’re mostly unmarked. Unless you recognise those on which the wild strawberries thrive. 

The stove could have had a whole army full on marshmallows for all its flame and ember, fuelled only by dry grass and the shards of wood we found. It was developed in Lesotho to burn clean to reduce the deaths in developing countries from CO2 poisoning, as well as to reduce the amount of time spent collecting fuel: it burns all biomass and it burns it up completely. It’s solar powered and it can charge your phone. AGA take note.

I’d like to meet the king that eats better than us.

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