Wednesday 15 April 2015

We have nitro brew coffee in Amsterdam, too

The whole of Instagram is talking about spring; so I’m going to start with summer, of jumping off boats, dinners outside and nitro brew coffee. Just another coffee name to show off to your friends? Well, yes if you think a coolly cascading, velvety, Guinness-like drink is not your thing.

Thanks to Adam, co-owner of Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters, Amsterdam will be able to get in on what the rest of the world’s probably already drinking if they want to look cool. And this summer, it’s nitro brew, coffee beans soaked for 16 hours, the keg, injected with nitrous oxide (70% nitrogen and 30% CO2) and forced out of a tap under a helluva lot of pressure to get that foamy head and creamy taste Guinness has its name all over.

Taste wise, Adam tells me that we can expect the viscosity of an espresso, but no acidity, and smooth, smooth, smooth. The Internet tells me that it’s so creamy, you’d be forgiven for thinking milk was added. So far so good.

And it gets better: Adam has also teamed up with Alphabet Brewing Company, a start-up microbrewery from Manchester, UK for a collaboration – Lot Sixty One Coffee, their beer, name: Crate Digger, a ‘coffee stout’, at 8.3% alcohol. Equally cold. Equally summer.

Lot Sixty One is on the Kinkerstraat 112, Amsterdam. I recommend it. 

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